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Spotlight – Sudden-Joi H

Sudden-Joi is our amazing Shift Supervisor at Harvest of Beavercreek. Making sure that day-to-day functions are carried out and improving everyone’s mood, Sudden-Joi works hard to raise efficiency for all of our patients.

Q: What does being a part of Harvest of OH mean to you?

Being a part of Harvest Of OH means being able to be a part of an opportunity to me. Not only an opportunity to educate people on the goodness of cannabis, but an opportunity to be a Black woman in a male dominated industry.

Q: As you work, what standards do you aim to meet?

As I work, I aim to give all of our patients an experience that they will value from Harvest Of Beavercreek.

Q:How do you make sure that patients have a positive experience at Harvest?

Fulfilling needs from start to finish. I always try to ensure that every patient leaves Harvest satisfied.

Q: What do you do to make yourself a person everyone can rely on?

One thing I try to do is to be personable with the staff and a person that they know cares about them inside and outside of work.

Q: How do you ensure that communication between you and your co-workers is streamlined?

I make sure that tasks, needs, roles, etc are communicated clearly and at the start of our day in our morning H.I.T. 

Q: Are there any qualities you feel you already exemplified before stepping into a shift supervisor role? Are there any you gained after?

 I think I exemplified the qualities of a leader before I stepped into my shift supervisor role. I definitely think that I’m learning how to be more vocal that I’ve actually stepped into the role. I’ve learned how to use my voice as not only a leader, but a voice of reason as well when it comes to issues.

Q: If you could only have one song playing all day, what would it be?

It would definitely be Dangerously In Love 2 by Beyoncé. She’s my favorite artist of all time and it’s nothing like her early singles.

Q:What is your favorite fragrance?

My favorite fragrance at the moment is Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs. It’s the perfect light, sweet scent for the spring.

Q:If you had to leave one of the four seasons of the year behind, which one would it be?

If I had to leave one of the four seasons behind, it would definitely be the Winter. It’s pretty to look at from the inside with the heat, but definitely too cold outside.

Q:What is a funny unpopular opinion you have?

A room can never have too many pink items.

Q: If animals could talk, what species would be the smartest?

If animals could talk, I think the dog would be the smartest.

Q: What is a fact about you that many are unaware of?

I am terrified of cats. One of my top fears is being trapped in a room with cats.