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Spotlight – Noah T

Meet Noah, our incredible General Manager at our Beavercreek location. Noah has been with us since the beginning and has demonstrated a strong passion for the industry. Working tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible and that our employees are supported, Noah keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine.

Q: As a general manager, what principles are you devoted to upholding?

My first principle is to make sure the patient gets the product they need vs. the products that they don’t need.Nothing could be worse than a patient coming in for the first time and getting something that doesn’t help their needs. 

Q: What is the most important element to leadership?

The most important element to leadership is listening and communication skills.My staff doesn’t dread coming to work every day because they know they have a manager that takes their needs and wants into account heavily.  

Q: What was the best team-building activity you participated in at Harvest?

We’ve had so many in our short time– it’s hard to pick. My favorite is anytime Ariane and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) comes through to Harvest of Beavercreek.We typically get dinner with the staff after work and the ELT gets to sit back and see the well-oiled machine run throughout the day.

Q: How has working at Harvest of Ohio affected your perception of this industry?

The Cannabis industry moves at light speed. I’m immensely excited to see where it will land in 2024 with legislation being introduced for cannabis legalization.The stigma of cannabis and marijuana is a tough one to overcome, but the industry has overcoming the stigma at the forefront of it’s to-do list. 

Q:How do you establish positive working relationships with your staff?

Trust and communication is the best policy.When you listen and trust your staff, they will give you the respect that is earned as a manager. Then, when the hard conversations come around, they are easier to have.

Q:What is your biggest takeaway in your career so far?

Enjoy your days off!There are so many times where I would feel like I’m not doing a good job and I’m too hard on myself. There will always be something new to do and there are times when you have to tell yourself: “The team will survive one day without you”.

Q: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Rebel a little.All through high school I was a well-behaved kid.  I didn’t go out and party, I never missed a curfew, and I had pretty decent grades.  I’m sure even my parents would agree that I could have opened up and experienced more things in my younger days. 

Q: Which family member are you closest to?

My brothers, Jackson and Daniel, are my best friends.They were the best men at my wedding  and we hang out every week.  Whether it be playing some games or going bowling we are having the best time when in each other’s company.

Q:What was the first thing you bought with your very first paycheck?

Money was tight for sure then–I think it went mostly to bills.

Q:Is there an odd combination of food that you really enjoy?

My old roommate made peanut butter and cheese sandwich one day.It’s not something I crave, but he told me not to knock it until I tried it.  I was skeptical but, I tried it and it was pretty good.

Q:If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Super speed or invisibility.I’d never have to pay for gas again or I could be a fly on the wall in so many important conversations.

Q:What is the craziest thing you believed as a child?

That cannabis had no medicinal benefits!