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Spotlight – Kris

Every day, we strive to keep our company on a successful path, with our strengths and opportunities only rising to meet a bright future. Meet our Chief Financial Officer, Kris, who works tirelessly to support Harvest of OH and all of its activities.

Q: What do you believe Harvest of OH’s biggest strengths are?

I think our biggest strength is that we see each other as family. We are always willing to help out and support our team in any way that we can whether it’s business or personal.

Q: What have you discovered about the industry since taking over as CFO at Harvest of OH?

The industry is very volatile, especially in Ohio. There are great months where patients visit our shops multiple times a month and there are slower months where we may see a regular patient once a month.

Q:How do you identify the determinants of growth in a medicinal marijuana company?

I make sure to look at revenue and patient count to see growth.

Q: Where do you anticipate the medical marijuana market going in the future?

I anticipate that we will see the marijuana market remain stagnant in the US for some time. Big change in an industry like this usually come in small, incremental wins. Unfortunately, I still think we have a while to go before the entire country treats marijuana the way states like California or Colorado do.

Q: Are there any professional experiences that have helped you prepare for the role of CFO?

My college experience at Howard University in Washington DC and positions at JP Morgan Chase in New York really set a great foundation for me in terms of my finance knowledge and leadership skills. In college, I was able to meet with many executives of Fortune 100 companies, present case studies in different countries, and was able to intern at three different companies. That led to a career on Wall Street where everything is faced-paced and volatile, just like the marijuana industry in Ohio is.

Q: What advice would you give to other financial professionals working in the marijuana industry?

Pay great attention to your margins!

Q: Who was a huge positive influence in your childhood?

My mom was a huge positive influence in my childhood. Seeing her take on industries that you typically don’t see a lot of Black women in, such as construction or cannabis, and succeed has been inspirational to so many people–me included. It drives me to be motivated to succeed.

Q: October is National Wellness Month. Are there any wellness habits you want to incorporate into your life?

I really want to get into meditation, but I’m never able to just sit in complete silence and turn my thoughts off. I hear it’s really beneficial, even if only doing it for a minute or two a day.

Q:What is something that will never go out of style?


Q: What is something that will never go out of style?

Hmm, I’m not sure.

Q:11) If you could speak another language fluently, which one would you choose?

Japanese. I went to Japan earlier this year and really loved the vibe of Tokyo and Osaka. I was about the same height as everyone there too, so that was a plus. I also respect that they don’t really speak English over there.

Q: What movie or tv show always makes you laugh, no matter how many times you watch it?

Wolf of Wall Street. 10/10 movie. Leo was robbed for that Oscar!