Leading a team while coordinating interactions with patients is difficult work, but our Shift Supervisor, Jenasis, surpasses expectations brilliantly! From providing support to acting as an example for everyone in the Columbus dispensary, Jenasis’ work is incredibly important to all of us.

Q: What is one aspect of your work that you would like to improve?

One aspect of my work I would like to improve is becoming more knowledgeable about products to be able to inform patients! This is my first industry job, and although I was a patient before and have used products, there is still so much to learn!

Q: How do you envision Harvest of OH evolving in the future?

I think of flourishing success! I see so much happening for this company, especially in the near future with Ohio potentially becoming recreational. I am honestly beyond blessed to be a part of this journey with HOC, and to really see it evolve is amazing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Q:What actions do you take to assist your team in your role?

I first identify any problems when assisting my team. Then, I ponder the best resolution for the issue based on Harvest rules and regulations that I’ve learned from my superiors. Lastly, I always stay transparent with my coworkers and patients, and I have patience for the patients. Knowledge is power!

Q: What influence has working in the medicinal cannabis industry had on you?

The influence that working in the cannabis industry has had on me has already been so impactful on my life. I have nothing but passion for cannabis and the supportive things it can do. Knowledge is power, so having the power to educate the uneducated on the benefits of medical marijuana genuinely brings me joy! I feel like a doctor and a teacher all in one! Not only that, there are so many opportunities for growth, and the fact that I am able to contribute to such a new and evolving industry is a great feeling!

Q: What steps do you take to establish good leadership skills? Please tell us about it.

The steps I take to establish good leadership skills are to stay transparent when it comes to communication, no matter what! Other steps I take are encouraging personal and professional growth, always asking for and giving direct feedback, and keeping a positive attitude goes a long way. Connecting with my team as well!

Q: What is your reaction to pressure and stress? What do you do when things don't go as planned?

My reaction to pressure and stress is to simply remain positive! Being positive in stressful situations can boost problem solving and help you see the options for a better solution, while thinking negatively will narrow your view! Also, taking a deep breath and always keeping yourself grounded will go a long way in stressful times!

Q:How would you spend your perfect free day?

I would spend my perfect free day starting off with taking my dog Blu on a walk! That’s always first, lol! Then I would make a big breakfast. Medicate and go explore either a new park or one of my favorites with some friends! Some days I don’t like to do too much; just being in nature would suffice!

Q:What would you invent if you could create one new object to make your life easier?

I would invent a teleportation machine! The amount of gas I would save would be amazing!! LOL, and not only that, but I would never be late again! A win win!

Q:In your life, who do you seek guidance from?

In my life, I seek the most guidance from my momma. Throughout all the things she has gone through, she still remains resilient and optimistic, and that is something I will forever be grateful for! I also really do appreciate my friends who are there for me and give me great guidance; that’s what friendship is for, after all!

Q: Text messages or phone calls? Why?

Text messages! I love to always have what was said because you can’t keep a phone call, unless it’s a voicemail! But with messages, they’re always there!

Q:What do you like to spend your money on?

What I like to spend money on first would be my bills! But other than that, food, new dog toys for my dog, and, of course, Harvest Flower!

Q: What is your least favorite housekeeping task? Why?

My least favorite housekeeping task would be dishes! It can get a bit icky lol but thankfully we have dishwashers now!