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Spotlight – Chad F. & Angelo W.

As Harvest of OH grows, it is critical to have individuals who are dedicated and passionate about the medical marijuana industry and helping those in need, such as Sales Manager, Chad Fuller, and Outside Sales Manager & Brand Ambassador, Angelo Welborn. With the introduction of our exclusive Harvest Flower, our sales team has truly worked hard to help Harvest of OH reach the next level and bring our brand and products to patients across Ohio.

Q: How long have you been in the medical marijuana industry?

Chad: 3.5 years

Angelo: I’ve worked in the medical marijuana industry for a year now and it’s the best career decision I’ve made so far. I believe this is the best industry.

Q: What inspired you to work in the medical marijuana industry?

Chad: After watching my father suffer with PTSD, I wish I knew then what I know now about the ability to improve lives through the goodness of medical cannabis.

Angelo: How distinct this industry and its patients are. I can’t tell you how many patients’ stories I’ve heard in the past year about how medical marijuana impacted their lives in a positive way. I like to help others, and I don’t mind spending time with patients, listening to understand. It might sound corny, but I like seeing random people/total strangers happy because sometimes it is not all about you.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your position?

Chad: Being able to work alongside the cultivation team daily and being able to see the development of new strains for the patients.

Angelo: The patients with whom I work. I’ve spoken to a wide variety of patients who have lost a loved one, are dealing with anxiety, depression, war vets with PTSD, long-term illness, or pain from past surgeries. I love hearing these stories just to hear at the end that medical marijuana is.
It isn’t a cure, but it helps ease the mind and ease the pain over painkillers or whatever else that person may have tried. The young lady I spoke with in Chillicothe had a muscle disorder where she couldn’t walk. The doctors have NO IDEA why or what is going on. They gave her all types of pain meds and she told me nothing else had worked for her besides medical marijuana.

Q: What is one aspect of the world that you wish you could change?

Chad: Cannabis reform to remove barriers to research and to restore the lives and communities most impacted by Federal Prohibition Policies.

Angelo: Again, this might sound cheesy, but I wish I could change the mindset of some individuals in the world. I think sometimes, and I’m guilty as well, we get so caught up in our own lives and things we have going on that we forget that it’s not always about us. Sometimes it’s about the next person who may not be as fortunate as you. Obviously, taking care of yourself first is yes, and I could say world peace is making sure everyone is financially stable, but I feel like caring for the next falls under that category as well.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?

Chad: Reading, working out, and constantly thinking of ways to improve the accessibility of Harvest products to the patients of Ohio.

Angelo: Outside of work, I like to spend time with my son, Zion. He’s 3 years old and keeps me on my toes. I also enjoy playing sports on the weekends, traveling, and hanging with my friends when we all have the time. I like going to concerts and sporting events, and I want to travel with my son here soon as well, so he can see the world!

Q: If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

Chad: Reinvest in stocks, gold, and silver after a fun weekend with my friends!

Angelo: I would make certain that my family is secure, and that if my son decides to have a family, they are also secure. Give some money to charity and make sure my friends’ families are well off.