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Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, near the banks of the meandering Ohio River is our state-of-the-art grow facility, Mavuno Grows.

Mavuno grows

Boasting 25,000 square feet of growing canopy, our facility will sustain an average of nearly 6,500 premium flowering plants. Our facility utilizes specifically engineered systems, which allows us to manipulate sunlight hours, giving us precision control during every stage of the cultivation process. This type of strategically planned control combined with our team’s passion for cultivating only the highest quality premium cannabis is how we plan to become Ohio’s number one producer of ultra-premium medical cannabis.

We are currently producing 28 strains:

    • Fastbreak
    • White Cheetoz
    • Cinnamon Rollz
    • Orange Bridal Sour
    • Truffle Shuffle
    • Lemon Crème
    • J22
    • Lemon Berry Granita
    • Bonfire
    • MFN Cookies
    • Strawberry Cream Cake
    • Fruit Newtonz
    • Pink Guava Biscotti
    • Apple Banana Sundae
    • Popsicles
    • Sudz
    • Mavuno Gold
    • Money Fruit
    • Strawberry Gelatti
    • Puppy Breath
    • Phunyunz
    • Strawberry Headband
    • Megaladon
    • Mohican Mintz
    • Orangu Tang
    • Woreoz
    • Full Melt
    • Bahama Peel